Altea 180 Degree Glass-to-Glass Bi fold in swing Hinge MATTE BLACK


Catalogue Number:  ALT180MBL   

Glass Thickness:  8 mm to 12 mm Toughened Safety Glass    

Hinge Swings: Bi fold, will free swing  

Deduction:  4mm gap between glass panels    

Back-plate:  Central back-plate    

Two hinges:  Up to 36 kg, with a max door width of 711 mm    

Three hinges:  Up to 54 kg, with a max door width of 800 mm    

Glass Fabrication:  Cut-Out Required in Glass 

Includes:  Gaskets, Screws, and Glass Fabrication Dimensions    

Construction:  Solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel.