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Shower Glass for Interior Designers

Finding the perfect Interior Design

Marvin and pinch shower

Partner to work with.

Our relationship with Interior designers is let say on and off. We have thought long and hard to JV projects. The argument stands that we can actually build better designed Shower Enclosures than most Interior design practices on the basis that we have a solid industry experience of boundaries to what a shower enclosure can and can not do. 
This is great but then creates the problem of being mechanical by thought. An interior design input can (as we have found) push those boundary's to new levels that we either did not see or consider. A perfect working relationship.


Getting Into Bed

As with all new business relationships, it takes time and certainly takes effort to establish the trust that we can see projects through the sign off stage and not just be a 'yes' company.

We are not overly selective to whom we work with, but isn't it nice to have a comfortable relationship?

As a small practice ourselves we are able to offer a service on a personal level and keep the momentum going throughout the various stages of the project.

 (had enough already?) call T: +44 (0) 1249 554344

The Concept

Put the idea on paper. We can't comment, work on nor price for a design until we see it. We accept any type of file or format from snippets from Instagram or Pinterest through to CAD, fag packets or any other type media. There is nothing like a design we can get our eyes all over.
We do simple design also!


Bath bomb in shower


Defining budgets

From the very start we are happy to price accordingly. If you don't have the time but do have a budget, let us take care of the design for you. We can white label everything we do as though it was yours.
Our pricing structure can work favourably if you have multiples of screens or enclosures in your project. SO please ask if required.


The unique design

Interior Design for shower glass

 Every design we receive we enjoy with open arms. Quickly and effectively we can get back to you with a CAD in principle accompanied with a price. At this point we can discuss the initial design elements and practicality so you are aware of if any potential pitiful that might need a re-think.

Most designs are pretty straight forward for us as we have both seen and procured many.



A Plan in Place?

Ok, the designs been signed off by your client and your ready to go. At this stage we can build a quick timeline to operations our end. We can work with tight timelines and windows to jump on and off the project where needed.

 Our installations are usually smooth and refined without disruption to others. We are confined and comfortable with this. 


White labelled

If you would like us to work for you on retained projects or just single designs, we can offer a white labelled service at no extra charge. We can visit your client, survey and report back to you and the client would not be aware of any outside accompaniment.


The finale

Taking a journey with Marvin and Pinch is easy. From concept through to the finish line we are always available to take a call. We are fully informed and ready to answer if needed.
With a good ethic, let us talk with you about your next Design

 Ready to discuss your project? Call T: +44 (0) 1249 554344

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