Shower Glass for Architects

Choosing us as your supplier

 Are you looking for people to fulfil a design or project?

It can be a little daunting, especially when high value items are at stake. 
For Bespoke showers and enclosures, let us take this aspect of your project away from the table and we can simply alleviate the pressures that you are currently facing.
With an extensive knowledge of Shower screens, enclosures and systems Marvin and Pinch are a preferred supplier to Architects across the South of England working with both small medium and larger architectural projects

Why the architect

We see things the same way, drawings, CAD, site visits etc. We operate with similar principles but specialise in Shower screens and Enclosures.
Speaking the same language is a great way to work alongside each other as we have already proven.


The design

Having the experience of not only working with interior designers and also adding our own creative flair, we are able to practically build a screen or system that we incorporate all the rule sets. We know already what works and what does not so for the architect its almost a foolproofing system when they employ our services.

So when thinking design, you know that we have the right skills to out perform others with a price thats more than competitive and a back up and service that it at the top of the pile.



The process

The process is simple, Send over a design, Idea or lead us to site and we can perform the measure up, costing and implementation of the Enclosure or Shower Screen.

Once everything is compiled, surveyed or measured, we can then offer a price or costing if you were to move forward. We offer a supply only or supply and fit service tailored to meet your needs.


The outcome

The outcome is split down through the middle with the left being design and looks vs the right thats showing practicality and user ability. This balance is what we see on a daily basis.

Our skilled engineers are able to come and both survey and Install the exact glass with millimetre precision. 
avoiding the trouble that glass can give, we prefer to 


The result