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Glass Shower Screens and Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Screens and Glass Shower Doors

At Marvin and Pinch we specialise in providing our customers with the knowledge to ensure the correct decisions are made when it comes to their shower glass screen, shower door or complete bespoke shower glass enclosure or cubicle.

Glass Shower Screens

Whether it is a narrow shower screen, or a large full height, floor to ceiling glass panel, we can supply the glass and all the relevant fixtures and fittings to realise your requirements. For an expanded read on what we typically do click here.

Full height shower glass screen in 10mm glass with Chrome U Channel

Glass Shower Doors

All glass shower door requirements vary, from a bi-folding hinge option for a small showering space, to a much larger 900mm wide door glass door to ensure the maximum opening is achieved, we're here to help provide the custom glass and all the hinges, handles and seals to water the door water resistant. Our guide to shower glass doors expands on what is typically required, click here for more.

900mm wide shower glass door in 10mm glass with chrome shower door hinges

Fully Bespoke Shower Glass Enclosures

Complete custom glass shower enclosures are a stable of what we regularly design and supply at Marvin and Pinch, problem solving is often a prerequisite for anything to do with shower glass enclosures, certainty those of a made to measure nature.

Three sided customer shower glass enclosure

Quality Shower Glass Components, in a variety of colour finishes

We source our tried and tested glass components for shower screens, shower doors and enclosures from the USA, Canada and Germany. There are a wide variety of options, and our catalogue is ever growing. For shower glass U Channel, door hinges, pull handles, door knobs, glass clamps and more, take a look here.

Matte Black 180 glass to glass shower door hinge

Get in contact to see how we might be able to help you in realising the perfect shower glass project

As with anything made to measure, it can seem daunting at first, and there is a lot of detail in some cases to consider. However it all starts with either an email or a phone call to us to get things moving in the correct direction.

So once ready, either email us at 

or give us a call on 01249 554334 weekdays only.