Frameless Shower Glass for wetrooms and enclosures

The Quick Guide to choosing your glass for a frameless shower screen or glass

Frameless shower screen for wetrooms and bathrooms

For the average person who's time has come to update or modernise the bathroom/ wetroom or shower room in their home. We give an easy guide to what types of glass to select when it comes to buying.

This guide is more for bespoke glass opposed to the many standardised sizes that are available over the internet.

Starting with glass types:


Standard clear glass:

Clear glass is the most common used glass including pre determined size shower glass and panels. In the UK, all glass has to be safety glass or more technically toughened glass. The glass has to meet a standard of toughening to BS12150


Optiwhite - Low iron Glass:

Low iron glass is very similar to clear glass, Its toughened and finished in the same way but in its raw state, it has less iron content. What this means is it looses the 'green tint' that normal clear glass has. More notably the edges of low iron glass does not carry such a dark edge to the glass.


Tinted glass - basic coloured glass:

Again, the same properties as of both above being toughened, tinted glass comes in 4 basic colours.

  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Green

The smoked grey being the most popular glass and can be found on other products such as coffee tables, TV stands etc.

The Tinted Glass can be a favourite choice for designers or architects as glass the coloured/ tinted glass can add more of a distinct design than the regular clear and optiwhite glass provides.


Sandblasted/ Satin:

Sandblasted glass is a process where lots of beads or sand are fired at the glass under high pressure, this gives an even etched opacity across the glass, this process is done after the cut size, shape and toughening is finished.

Satin is a process that is applied to glass pre processing and is treated with hydrofluoric acid or fumes. The surface is smoother on satin compared to sandblasted.

Both allow light to transfer through the finished glass but has an opacity so you cant look through the glass, you may well however, be able to see a silhouette for instance. These types of glass are used more so when privacy is needed.


Printed Glass:

Digital ceramic printing on glass is a technological development used for the application of imagery, pattern or text to the surface of flat glass. Like other printing on glass methods, it uses a form of printmaking


Glass Thickness:

Glass thickness in general goes up from 2mm to 12mm in 2mm increments however for shower glass especially bespoke, it's recommended that 8mm, 10mm or 12mm is used.

Glass shower thickness from other parts of the world or the manufactured glass products that make up the fixed mainstream non bespoke screens can be found in 5mm. 6mm or 8mm ad rarely 10mm toughened glass


Glass Uses:

There are three main uses for glass:

  • Stand Alone Panels
  • Shower Doors
  • Part of an Enclosure Design

Stand alone fixed glass panels are usually found where the concept of the bathroom is fully open i.e. a wet room however the glass panel is used to stop spray over other parts of the room itself be it a toilet seat, towels, radiators etc. The Glass Panel also can identify the shower area allocated to the bathroom or wet room.

The shower door can be used either stand alone i.e. between two walls of a shower or to form part of a glass shower enclosure itself.

Glass used as part of an shower enclosure generally has a door and either one, two or on the rare occasion three other sides. There are many different combinations where the enclosure glass will suit. For instance glass as part of a attic or loft conversion that facilitates an en-suite. The advantage of the glass is it can be cut to any shape or size to form an attic shower enclosure.

If the above has helped in any way and you are interested in a shower panel, shower screen, shower door or a full shower enclosure, Call one of our professional sales team who can give you a much clearer picture of costs, installation and other information.

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