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Bespoke Shower Case Studies

Take a look at the following to get a sense of what the more commonly requested shower enclosures entail. 

At Marvin and Pinch we have designed, supplied and installed numerous bespoke shower solutions for a wide range of customers. Our goal is always to ensure the client has a functional and elegant solution made specifically for them. Providing solutions is what we do on a daily basis.

Please view some of our case studies below. These are by no means a comprehensive list of what we can offer, as everything we do is bespoke, serving merely as a snap shot of the common types of configurations. Hopefully you’ll find them both informative and translatable to your needs.

As always, feel free to get in contact by email or call us.


Attic/Loft conversions and areas with restricted space

One of the most commonly requested bespoke shower enclosures are those that need to fit within an attic of loft space, or a conversion with restricted space.

The rule of thumb is to ideally hang the glass shower door from the wall, and have the fixed panel secured around it’s perimeter with U Channel. Often there is the need for a solider panel, with a door to hinge from it, to avoid a towel radiator.

 Attic'loft shower glass enclosure, hinged door and fixed panel with U Channel

This 10mm thick glass shower enclosure has the door hinged off of the left hand wall using Offset wall to glass hinges and a 6" back to back pull handle. The fixed shaped panel on the right hand wall uses U Channel to secure in place. All components are a Chrome finish Simple and effective. For more info, why not check out our comprehensive guide on Shower Glass for Attic Conversions here.


Full height floor to ceiling

A full height glass shower panel can be a showpiece, it can really make an impression in any bathroom.

The typical application is to surface mount the U Channel and then either slide the glass in laterally (if space to do so) or to employ a ‘lift and drop’ strategy. U Channel can also be embedded into the wall, floor and ceiling for a floating glass panel appearance. We recommend 10mm as a minimum for this scenario.

Full height floor to ceiling glass screen in 10mm clear toughened glass

This impressive 10mm full height screen enables the customer to enter from either side. 10mm U Channel is placed on the ceiling and floor. The size also meant that our EasyClean solution requested to help with the speed and ease of cleaning and the reduction of water marks.