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Bespoke Shower Glass | Custom Glass for Shower Enclosures and Panels

Made to Measure Shower Glass, for all Custom Shower Enclosure, Panel and Screen requirements. All Glass Cut to Size.

First things first, at Marvin and Pinch we’re here to help you to make the correct choice for your bespoke shower glass project. Whether it is a single bespoke glass shower screen, or multiple glass panels required to be configured into a custom enclosure, we’re here to assist you in making an informed decision.

 Bespoke shower glass configuration including a door and return panel on top of the bath

Bespoke shower glass configuration including a door and return panel on top of the bath.

Bespoke shower enclosure for sloped ceiling

Shaped Glass Panel to fit around the perlin, with a glass to glass hung door and small return panel.

A successful shower glass project starts with a measured approach.


It’s important to ensure the measuring and dimension taking are done as accurately as possible. The reason being these dimensions are what we work from to enable the creation of your custom shower glass, and although there is a degree of tolerance which can be accommodated within the shower glass components used to build the shower, ultimately accurate measuring is the groundwork and the key to a successful end project. 

Shower and steam cubicle, complete with a glass lid. 

Shower and steam cubicle, complete with a glass lid.


Measure twice, cut once as they say. We've all heard this, get your custom shower glass correct first time.


The point at which to take the measurements for the bespoke shower glass enclosure, is once the space is finished and ready, the only exception to this is if some of the shower glass components are to be included in the fabric of the build; this is typical when using U Channel (the track the glass sits in) and when the desired end result is that of a floating, or emerging panel of glass from the wall or floor. This inclusion of components is therefore decided upon at the build stage and is therefore a pre-meditated decision. More commonly, customers are looking for a solution once the shower space is ready (tray is in, tiles are finished). We’re here to help with either option; and the purpose of this guide to bespoke shower glass is to facilitate considered and informed decision making. We can provide an approximate cost based on approximate dimensions and we can provide an accurate cost based on accurate dimensions. Once the area is finished and ready, that's the point at which to spend the time getting the measuring and assessment done. We have a series of measuring templates to help, click here.

 Three panel inline custom shower enclosure, with a central door.

Three panel inline custom shower enclosure, with a central door.


Aesthetics versus structure. We're here to inform you on what is and isn't feasible on your shower glass journey.


A harmonious balance is required between the end shower enclosure looking great, and it being structurally sound and conforming to parameters underpinned by the hardware being used in its fabrication. This can result is some compromise along the way. 

 An attic shower glass enclosure, with a wall hung door and towel rail added to the shaped glass panel.

An attic shower glass enclosure, with a wall hung door and towel rail added to the shaped glass panel.


What glass do I need for my bespoke shower glass enclosure or wet room panel, and why.


The glass thickness and type of glass used in a bespoke shower enclosure or for a custom shower screen can vary but is most commonly one of the following;


8mm Clear Toughened Glass

10mm Clear Toughened Glass

12mm Clear Toughened Glass


8mm Clear Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

10mm Clear Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

12mm Clear Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)


8mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass

10mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass

12mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass


8mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

10mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

12mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)


10mm Grey Tinted Toughened Glass

10mm Bronze Tinted Toughened Glass


Clear Toughened glass is the most common option. The clarity of the glass is that of what we’re accustomed to when we think of glass. It has a high iron content which means when the looking at the side of the glass, it appears to be a dark green or black, depending on the area lighting and it’s positioning.


Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened is a type of glass which has a reduced iron content, helping it to appear more ‘crystal like’, however the denser the glass naturally the more iron it has, therefore it appears to be more turquoise in most instances. Lighting as always plays a part in this.

 UltraClear Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass, section of a glass enlcosure.

In the 10mm thickness only a Grey Tinted Toughened and Bronze Tinted Toughened are available, this glass carries the tint itself, much like glass seen in the automotive industry.

Grey tinted toughened glass, panels forming a partition within a bedroom. 

Grey tinted toughened glass, panels forming a partition within a bedroom.

The Optiwhite and tinted glasses carry a higher price point than that of the more standard clear toughened glass. Inherently an early consideration when deciding which glass to go for in your bespoke shower glass project is that of budget; and as all glass pricing is calculated on actual physical area, the costs vary from requirement to requirement. Equally the thinner the glass, the less weight it carries, this is an often overlooked consideration; glass can get very heavy, very quickly especially when a larger size is required.

For modesty, often the glass is 'sandblasted', creating a frosted look to the glass. This is ideal for all shower screens, glass panels and doors. It is most common for clear toughened glass to have this process applied.

These doors have been sandblasted, the frosted appearance allows for privacy behind these shower and toilet doors respectively.

These doors have been sandblasted, the frosted appearance allows for privacy behind these shower and toilet doors respectively.

All glass types mentioned above can have an ‘EasyClean’ solution applied, the purpose of this is to assist in cleaning and help negate the build up of hard water residue on the glass. However, no glass is self-cleaning, (this term is incorrect if you ever see it) it’s always a post application solution that helps. This is an optional extra and can be priced additionally for your shower glass.


Irrespective of the final decision for the glass type, all glass is toughened to the relevant UK standard, and can be cut, shaped, fabricated in the exact same way. Equally all the of the above-mentioned types of glass can break, no glass is invincible, and all glass can be scratched.

A sliding glass door system, for when space is limited. 

A sliding glass door system, for when space is limited.


We supply custom shower glass, and all components in a variety of finishes, to ensure you get the shower space you want.


There are a multitude of shower enclosure combinations that can be achieved through careful planning, as all glass is made to measure especially for each customer and scenario. There are of course variants on a theme; shower trays tend to be available in fixed sizes, with incremental size changes; wet rooms do differ of course. Your space is bespoke and so consequently then, everything about the glass and the way in which the shower hardware components are  configured will be too.

The following are a small selection of bespoke shower glass projects we've helped customers to realise. From single panel fixed screens, attic enclosures, floor to ceiling shower glass panels, bi folding over bath panels, to multiple panel configurations, at Marvin and Pinch we can help. What would best suit your shower glass project?

Custom glass panel secured with U Channel and Support bar

A freestanding glass screen, secured using U Channel on the wall and floor and a wall to glass support bar.

Attic Shower Glass Enclosure, using a full height pivot hinge and U Channel

An attic shower glass configuration with the door hung using a full height pivot hinge.

Multiple Panels and Door to solve a tricky attic space

A three panel bespoke glass shower enclosure, wall hung door meeting a solider panel, with a large shaped return panel forming the side of the enclosure.

Full height Glass Shower Panel, U Channel used to secure top and bottom

A floor to ceiling, freestanding glass panel, U Channel used to secure on the floor and ceiling.

Apex Shower Glass Configuration

An apex shower enclosure, maximising the use of the attic space.

Return panel and door with matte black components

A three panel set up using matte black clamps to secure the shower glass in place.

Five panel shower enclosure

A five panel glass enclosure, a central door, with equally sized inline and return panels, all fixed and secured with a combination of chrome shower glass clamps.

An over bath panel, with a bi folding flipper panel to keep the water where it's wanted.

An over bath panel, with a bi folding flipper panel to keep the water where it's wanted.

Grey Tinted Toughened Glass Shower Panels

Grey Tinted Toughened full height shower glass panels, secured with Chrome shower glass U Channel.

Sloped glass shower glass with glass hung door

Shaped panel secured with Brushed Nickel U Channel and clamps, with glass to glass hinges for the door, a bulb seal is used to seal against the vertical wall, with a h seal used between the hinges and a drip seal on the underside of the door.

Full height shower screen

Floor to ceiling, full height shower screen. Secured on three sides with Chrome U Channel.

Multi sided glass shower enclosure

Bespoke shower enclosure, utilising both U Channel and glass clamps to ensure rigidity in the design, glass to glass clamps used on the return panel, this 90deg join is sealed with silicone.

Frameless shower door made to measure

Frameless shower glass door, simple and effective.

Matt black shower enclosure for small bathroom

Two panel set up for a bathroom with a sloped ceiling, matte black components used through out the design.

Custom glass shower enclosure

Return panel, with glass door hung from the soldier panel. U Channel, clamps and a T configuration wall to glass support bar were used.

Satin Brass components used for bespoke shower enclosure

Satin Brass components were used to construct this three panel bespoke shower enclosure.


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