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Custom Partition Glass whether it's required in a work, office environment, or the home at Marvin and Pinch we can help. We offer a measuring service and full installation.

Glass Office Partitions are becoming more common place, and for good reason. Office interiors and office space in general regularly requires a balance between the daily functioning of the environment and practical considerations such as privacy, division of working space, light penetration, overall visibility and noise containment. For these reasons glass partitions can be a cost effective and attractive solution in the modern office. 

Creating a bespoke glass office partition, glazed internal walls, or a series of doors, is what we're here to assist with.

Glass door partitioning  

A series of fully bespoke glass doors, with pull handles and patch fittings.

Single glazed panels, partition walls and the inclusion of either single or double glass doors are all aspects of the modern office division solution. Whether it is a large working space or a closed space for the home office, there are common glass types used across most hardware and components used when installing a glass partition. The typical glass types used in glass partitioning are;

10mm Clear Toughened Glass

12mm Clear Toughened Glass

10mm Clear Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

12mm Clear Toughened Glass, Sandblasted (Frosted)

10mm Grey Tinted Toughened

10mm Bronze Tinted Toughened

 Grey Tinted Toughened Glass partition for bedroom 

A grey tinted domestic glass partition, used to divide the bedroom from the shower and toilet area.

These glass panels are all single glazed, however we do offer a Toughened Laminate Glass solution, which is two pieces of toughened glass bonded together with a eva or pvb interlayer, although from experience this is less common. However as we supply a fully bespoke glass service, it may be something to consider. The benefit of the sandblasted or frosted, glass is additional privacy, whilst still maximising natural light, albeit more diffused. The tinted glass options can have a very positive impact when used in a considered way. 

 Matte Black Framed Glass Partition Panel and Door

Black Channel, door handle and patch fittings were used in this stylish two panel set up within an office.

Ultimately you want a high quality finish that is low maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing, glass partition systems allow for a lot of flexibility.

As all our partition glass is custom made to your scenario, proportions and glass panel placement is all part of our service and discussion. Double doors may be required for access, breakout rooms may need multiple entry points, and where space is limited further, a sliding door mechanism can be utilised. Our hardware for partitioning can be supplied in a variety of finishes, the most readily available finish options are Satin, Brushed Stainless, Black and Polished Brass. 

 Glass Office Partition with infill panel

 Multiple panel office partition set up with door

Manifestation on glass partition panel

 A series of glazed panels complete with regulation manifestation, infill panels were used above the glass doors in conjunction with patch fittings.

Room dividing glass partition custom made

This Bathroom/wet room section was enclosed using custom glass, central door and glass infill panels for in-between the beams. 

Glass balustrading

Stair and landing glass balustrading.

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With anything custom made it take times to get correct, and there can be a multitude of detail in some cases to consider. However it all starts with either an email or a phone call to us to get things moving in the desired direction.

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