Glass to Glass Hinges

Glass to Glass Hinges, for Glass Shower Doors and Glass Doors in General

Many bespoke shower enclosures will require the need for a door to be hung from another glass shower panel, this requires glass to glass hinges. 

For a further look at glass to glass hinges, please take a look at our comprehensive guide to shower glass doors here.

We supply glass to glass door hinges in a variety of colour finishes, the ones seen below are presented based on popularity and the colour finishes are available in most other components associated with custom shower enclosures and glass screens; such as U Channel, support arms, pull handles and door knobs. Please contact us for further finishes and information on your requirements.

Glass to glass hinges, attached to a solider panel which has been secured to the wall and floor with glass clamps, all in a Chrome finish

Glass to glass hinges as part of a saloon door set up, Chrome components are in contrast to the 10mm Tinted Grey Glass