Shower Glass installation in Bath Bristol and Swindon - Marvin and Pinch

One of the most common emails or questions we receive at Marvin and Pinch, is 'what areas can we deliver to' and 'where do we install customers shower glass and enclosures'?

Shower glass installation can vary, we generally cover a 70 mile radius from Chippenham, this covers most of the west country including Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, the Costwolds, Berkshire, Hampshire and South Wales. This includes major towns and city's like Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Oxford, Exeter, Gloucester and Marlborough.

Our installers also carry our shower glass installations in London, Surrey and Herefordshire.

We have limited the installation range simply due to travel time and what the installers have to do once at your property or installation site. 


For Shower glass or panel delivery, we cover the Mainland UK, as far up as Loch Ness, Various ports ie for the Isle of White, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Orkney islands. We will try and accommodate any location and can help with shipping outside of the UK also.

 For Ireland, please call as we have options for delivery using one of our partners.


AB Aberdeen HA Harrow PO Portsmouth
AL St Albans HD Huddersfield PR Preston
B Birmingham HG Harrogate RG Reading
BA Bath HP Hemel Hempstead RH Redhill
BB Blackburn HR Hereford RM Romford
BD Bradford S Sheffield
BH Bournemouth HU Hull SA Swansea
BL Bolton HX Halifax SE London
BN Brighton IG Ilford SG Stevenage
BR Bromley IM Isle Of Man SK Stockport
BS Bristol IP Ipswich SL Slough
BT Belfast IV Inverness SM Sutton
CA Carlisle JE Jersey SN Swindon
CB Cambridge KA Kilmarnock SO Southampton
CF Cardiff KT Kingston Upon Thames SP Salisbury
CH Chester KW Kirkwall SR Sunderland
CM Chelmsford KY Kirkcaldy SS Southend-On-Sea
CO Colchester L Liverpool ST Stoke-On-Trent
CR Croydon LA Lancaster SW London
CT Canterbury LD Llandrindod Wells SY Shrewsbury
CV Coventry LE Leicester TA Taunton
CW Crewe LL Llandudno TD Galashiels
DA Dartford LN Lincoln TF Telford
DD Dundee LS Leeds TN Tonbridge
DE Derby LU Luton TQ Torquay
DG Dumfries M Manchester TR Truro
DH Durham ME Medway TS Cleveland
DL Darlington MK Milton Keynes TW Twickenham
DN Doncaster ML Motherwell UB Uxbridge
DT Dorchester N London W London
DY Dudley NE Newcastle Upon Tyne WA Warrington
E London NG Nottingham WC London
EC London NN Northampton WD Watford
EH Edinburgh NP Newport WF Wakefield
EN Enfield NR Norwich WN Wigan
EX Exeter NW London WR Worcester
FK Falkirk OL Oldham WS Walsall
FY Blackpool OX Oxford WV Wolverhampton
G Glasgow PA Paisley YO York
GL Gloucester PE Peterborough ZE Lerwick
GU Guildford PH Perth
GY Guernsey PL Plymouth


If you have any more questions about deliveries or Shower Glass Installations outside our scope please call as we can accommodate other areas with prior notice.

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