Looking for Inspiration for a shower screen or shower enclosure

Inspiration for your next Bathroom, Shower room or Wet room.

Getting things right first time has always been our strategy when we talk about shower enclosures and shower screens, it's what Marvin and Pinch do. This is just one part of a Bathroom/ wetroom. Its great when the design/ practicality goes right and WOW does it look good. However, sometimes design implementation can clash or design fails and let me tell you its very difficult for us to hide opinion behind a cringe worthy design.

This can have a significant effect on a property including price. Its the subject we want to preserve to win.

I can only say that two paths to failure exist

  1. Design experience / lack of
  2. Poor execution/ installation

So, how can we get it right first time? 

I can not educate people enough when I say RESEARCH.. its almost free, just a little time and a Smartphone.

To point someone in the right directions when asked I will always mention the easy route for info and that has to be visually. There are many Websites that offer thousands of inspiring pictures of quality products. Find the most common list below.